How it works

When is the Best time to Book?

Newborn photography should be booked during your pregnancy, to ensure you have priority at the studio around your due date.
It’s important to book your newborn session as far in advance as possible, as we will schedule almost an entire day in our diary, due to this we can only accommodate a small number of newborns per week.  Therefore Lynne’s newborn sessions are limited and due to demand unfortunately this means not everyone can be accommodated.

While late bookings are welcome we apologies in advance that we cannot always fit everyone in, to avoid missing out we advise you book early.

When is the best time to photograph my newborn?

Babies are best photographed under 10 days old ideally between 3-6 days when they’re completely innocence, so fresh and wonderful, which results in perfect images of your baby.
Of course if your baby is early/premature, this timescale will be adjusted towards your actual date, each birth and baby are individuals so I highly recommend we speak while you’re still pregnant.
There are options for older babies up to about 21days however there are some caveats to be aware of which we’ll discuss with you on booking.

Where do the sessions take place?

You’ll come visit me in my private home studio in the peaceful countryside in Carmel Nr Crosshands/Llandeilo, where it will be exclusively yours for the duration of your session. We’ll beautifully photograph your tiny new baby so you can rest assured those memories are captured forever in a way that will bring them flooding back clear as day in years to come.
(All sessions take place on weekdays.)

What types of photos do you take?

As well as the artful images of your newborn baby, we encourage you to have family portraits, and we’ll also include older siblings, often we’ll schedule a separate session for these depending on the ages of the children.

How should I prepare?

When you reserve your date I’ll send you all the information you need on how to get the best out of your session. I’ll also have a friendly chat on the phone (or you’re welcome to visit the studio) about everything you’ll need.

Do I need to bring props and baskets?

No you don’t have to worry, we supply all of these and have a large collection to choose from However if you have a family heirloom or personal items that you want to bring, please do and let us know before hand so we can collaborate with you!

What if my baby doesn’t sleep?

Don’t worry! Lynne is extremely patient and an expert at baby soothing, so please don’t worry.
Lynne has been photographing Newborns for over 17 years, all of them have slept!
That’s why our relaxed sessions are 2-4 hours long, there’s no rush so no stress and each baby will need different time for feedings depending on the distance you travel to the studio.

What if my baby is a bit jaundiced, or has flaky skin?

No problem…I will be able to enhance any images to make them perfect (including skin colouring, baby milk spots, dry skin, etc.) However we’ll always check with you to the level of enhancement you’d like before hand.

  • Sessions complete in under 2 hours 80% 80%
  • Babies have one feed during session 70% 70%
How long till I get to see the images?

We normally arrange a design & ordering appointment usually within 7 days of your newborn session.
This is done in person at the studio and we usually schedule it with you at your session.

What Products do you sell?

I have a great range of premium quality products including, Wall Art, Albums, as well as prints and digital images you can print yourself
After your studio session I’ll walk you through our gallery and explain in detail all the different options. You’ll also get a product and price list to take away and look through before your viewing,  for a little more information see our investment page for pricing


Wall Art – Your choice of fine art hand wrapped gallery canvas, modern stunning acrylic crystal, or classic framed artwork with a host of molding and mount options. All ready to stand up against years of family life!

Albums – Family heirlooms; We have a range of Luxury Art Albums & Books  uniquely designed to carry your story to the next generation.

Art Prints – for sharing; gorgeous art mounted prints make the perfect gift for grandparents and friends, or for a growing wall display in your home.

Digital Artwork – For peace of mind; digital artwork allows you to make unlimited prints for yourself and family, and you get an extra social sharing set free to share online with your friends. These files are yours to keep forever. Although I believe photos should be printed and enjoyed, but digital artwork allows us additional insurance against life’s surprises, forces of nature as large as a flood, or as small as your little one with a crayon!